About Me


Dr. Paulette J. Boston has worked for the Chicago Public Schools for thirty-seven years as a classroom teacher and as a principal. She has now changed her career to become an inspirational speaker and a full-time writer. She has written several books:

Traveling Under Concealed Orders: A School Almost Left Behind

What a Dirty Trick!

Finding & Achieving Your Prescribed Life

Finding & Achieving Your Prescribed Life Workbook

Paulette Talks Faith—Book 1

Paulette Talks Faith—Book 2

Paulette Talks Faith—Book 3

Paulette Talks Faith—Book 4

Paulette Talks Faith—Book 5

Paulette Talks Faith Workbook

She has an online ministry called Paulette Talks Faith. Each week Dr. Boston writes practical and applicable tips for faith development. Many of these tips reflect her own experiences as God is teaching her how to trust and lean on Him. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in elementary education, a Master of Arts in education administration, and a Doctorate in educational leadership. Dr. Boston’s Christian background is based on principles taught by the Church of God (headquarters: Anderson, IN). She has dedicated her life to motivating people to live their God given prescribed life.