Finding and Achieving Your Prescribed Life (Workbook)


Finding and Achieving Your Prescribed Life (Workbook)

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This workbook is a guide, replete with exercises and questions that walk you step-by-step toward finding and achieving your purpose on earth.

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Finding and Achieving Your Prescribed Life Workbook is a guide replete with the skills-based materials of a how-to manual. In essence, this workbook offers ways to help you find and achieve your purpose on earth. As I take you through the process, you will receive:

• Tried-and-proven tips on how to discover and achieve your purpose

• Strategic ways to avoid dream killers

• Practical advice on how to preserve until you succeed

Stumbling blocks that come to rob you of your dreams will be specifically identified, along with systemic ways to overcome them. Helpful techniques, plans, and strategies sprinkled with hope will be presented to lead you, guide you, and place you on the right track-so that you will be able to Find and Achieve Your Prescribed Life.